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We are digital transformation start-up helping companies play in the digital space, by applying personalized digital transformation to the entire supply chainfrom design to delivery.

While the benefits of digitizing the supply chain are obvious, getting there can be a challenge. Companies are often tempted to start by experimenting with cool new technology in hopes of achieving a scalable change in supply chain costs and service. Taking a structured, business impact-driven approach, however, leads to better, faster results.

But "How to make digital transformation in your supply chain a success!"

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About Us

To capture the value associated with it, supply chain management needs to transform, develop new capabilities and re-define its role within the company.
tribord. is a supply chain startup offering solutions that covers a variety of integrated services along the global supply chain.
We act as an integrator that accumulates resources, capabilities, and technologies to provide end-to-end solutions to customers.

What We Do


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Any route.
Any booking.
Any carrier.
Monitor your shipments in real time


Manage Your Shipments ONLINE

  • Get your freight quote in clicks,
  • compare Shipping Rates & book instantly,
  • Manage, control & track your cargo in real time.
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More Flexible.
More Accurate.
More Efficient.
Customs Processes Management

Reimagine Your Global Trade & Customs Management

  • Customizable views and dashboards let you easily analyze your Global Trade & Customs processes, manage partnerships and monitor KPIs.
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Enhance Marketability.
Skyrock Sales.
Save Resources.
with Smart Warehousing

Connect Your Warehouse

  • Sign up and connect your e-commerce store using one of our plugins for Amazon, eBay or Magento,
  • Within minutes the order is picked, packed and shipped to your customer which reduces the delivery time and costs.
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While the benefits of digitizing the supply chain are obvious, getting there can be a challenge.
It is vitally important to understand that successful technology deployment is a relatively late-stage step in a longer process of discovery and planning that leads to digitization.

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